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Ed Bristol

If you love untreated gems and want to participate in their value development join our

'Untreated Gemstone Fund'

Secure your future supply! 
(and add 25% per year)

First, the basics:

During the 20th century gemstone treatments have created a sudden oversupply.

Today, everybody can afford some mutant gem.

BUT: The available amount of untreated gemstones remains unchanged and very limited!

Gemstone supply history

After a radical drop in prices the gem market splits up into treatment categories.

Gemstone price development

World demand and available income is higher than ever.

Six billion consumers now get the message: Treated gems are not really gemstones.

Untreated gemstones are going to become a seriously rare commodity.

-> Prices continue to skyrocket.

Hence this proposal (draft):

Let's create an 'Untreated Gemstone Fund' before prices go totally crazy.

For example:

  • 500 shareholders join each with $10,000
  • Each shareholder selects a preferred color or variety (e.g ‘blue sapphire’ or ‘padparadscha’ or ‘ruby’)
  • We buy a stock of untreated gems based on shareholder preferences
  • The ‘fund-gems’ go online for sale on WildFishGems (like all others)
  • Every 12 months the shareholder can decide:
  1. Choose a gem inside your preference at 125% of your initial share value.
    If you invested $10k, you have a credit of $12,500 after one year.
    Put the gem in your pocket. Tax-free.
  2. Leave 'your gem' in the fund and have $15,625 gemstone credit after two years.

Every year your share in the fund increases by 25%.

E.g. buy a full share now and when your 50th birthday comes up in 5 years, you can get yourself a gem present for $30,517.

-> from 10k to 30k in six years, ask your bank for this and get a few laughs!

Or buy a half share at $5,000, give it to your child and in five years she/he can chose a seriously nice gem for $15,258.

This is an idea I have developed because many customers asked me for similar arrangements.

I am open to discussions and adaptations.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested.

Edward Bristol (1st of August 2014)

P.S. and we continue to buy rainforest, rescue dogs and stuff...


The weekend has not only brought the first share orders but also new input and decisions:

  • The minimum order is one quarter of a share ($2,500)
  • A share-holder CAN but MUST NOT chose a gemstone preference. Either way when the share is ‘called’ the shareholder can select any gem available in the WildFish inventory. Choosing a preference helps us buying the 'right' gems for the future.
  • Share-holders can set a certain gem on ‘hold’ at any time but calling-in a share is possible only to the value of a completed ownership year.
  • Ownership begins with the day when the share is paid in full
  • Default currency is USD. A change in default currency will need a majority vote of all shareholders.
  • Changes to the fund rules will be based on shareholder majority votes (online) based on 'one share=one vote'
  • Each shareholder is issued a personal certificate and registered as owner
  • The maximum 'calling time' is 5 years
  • To ‘call’ a share the original certificate must be presented
  • A maximum of 100 shares will be issued
  • Like our gemstones, shares in the fund can be purchased through the website by credit card, paypal or international money-wire (with 10% down), see below
  • Gemstones from the fund have the same 7 days return policy as normal gems.

Edward Bristol (4th of August 2014)

Below the value development over 5 years:


Periods Starting Value Multiplier Value Added End Value
1 1 10,000.00 25 % 2,500.00 12,500.00
2 1 12,500.00 25 % 3,125.00 15,625.00
3 1 15,625.00 25 % 3,906.25 19,531.25
4 1 19,531.25 25 % 4,882.81 24,414.06
5 1 24,414.06 25 % 6,103.52 30,517.58

Here are the certificates.

Click the image to see backside with all rules and regulations.


Ready to join?

'Buy-now' and follow the usual instructions:

    WildFishGems supports the World Land Trust
    As of April 2013 we have started a new charity program with the World Land Trust.
    For every gem that goes through our company we purchase 1000 square meters of rainforest to be conserved by the WLT
    Every customers gets his/her own certificate issued to their name.
    We hope you like it!
    Edward Bristol


    supports the

    Nonhuman Rights Project

    with a monthly donation.


    Natural Gemstones Only!

    No Heat, No Radiation.
    No Bleaching, No Oil.
    No Filler, No Diffusion.
    No BE, No Chemicals.

    Nothing but... gems!

    Made by Earth.

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    (One-of-a-kind hand-made pieces
    containing only untreated gemstones)


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    Natural Gems Only - No Heat. No Radiation. No Bleaching. No Oil. No Filler. No Diffusion. No Chemicals.


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