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Ed Bristol
Madagascan Sphene
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7.10 Carat (sold)
Rainbow in Olive Green
Medium Dark 75
Free of Inclusions



  • Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Sphene
  • Carat: 7.10  
  • Shape: Oval 
  • Measures: 13.23x9.71x7.49 (millimeter) 
  • Color Grade: Very Good 
  • Tone: MD75 
  • Color Zoning: None 
  • Clarity: Free of Inclusions  
  • Cutting Grade: Excellent (precision cut)  
    • Brilliancy: 75%   
    • Depth: 75%  
  • Origin: Madagascar 
  • Treatment: None     

Certificate No: B34637     

Overall Grade: Excellent  

Comment: Green sphene which anywhere near the sun showed too much yellow on photo. Only when we forced it into strongly artificial light the dominant green became visible; there mark the red fire sipping through the stone! As most sphene of high quality this gem has its own life and a new world of color and brilliancy opens every time one sees the stone again. Main color is an earthy olive green (less aggressive than image). Can be set in a protective gents ring. Absolutely clean sphenes in this size are rare.

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