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Untreated Pakistani Hiddenite 8.93

rare collector hiddenite in lemon yellow
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8.93 Carat
Bright Sea
Foam Green

Light 25
Very Lightly Included




-          Identification: Natural Spodumene

-          Carat: 8.93

-          Shape: Rectangular with Truncated Corners

-          Measures: 15.00x9.07x8.74 (millimeter)

-          Color Grade: Very Good

-          Tone: Light 25

-          Color Zoning: None

-          Clarity: Free of inclusions

-          Cutting Grade: Excellent

o       Brilliancy: 90%

o       Depth: 76%

-          Origin: Afghanistan

-          Treatment: None


Certificate No: 11110705 (see more images)


Overall Grade: Excellent


Comment: From a new source (only one was found) in Afghanistan comes this huge and clean hiddenite, a variety of spodumene and a sister of kunzite. The new (or probably re-activated) and yet undisclosed mine in Afghanistan is distinguishable from all others by a fine mild yellow orange tint (not green as common). This attractive hue is a novelty in the market, and we can not think of any similar stone to compare it with. Recommended for the fine crystal, outstanding clarity and a excellent luster on a yet reasonable price level. Will make a limelight pendant without anybody ever guessing what you carry. With 14x18mm in nine carat, a light weight but hard enough material! Take my personal word for it: This gem is an extraordinarily fine example of his little known variety and is worth every single $. We have not seen another of its kind, so one must assume this is a world-class singularity: one of those gems which I would rather keep than sell, but that is my problem. For such a gem there is no market price, but $550/ct does seem meager.



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