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Ed Bristol
Burma Ruby
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1.30 carat
Vivid Red
Medium Dark 75
Free of Inclusions




- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Ruby

- Carat: 1.30

- Shape: Oval

- Measures: 7.55x6.23x3.04 (millimeter)

- Color Grade: Very Good

- Tone: MD75

- Color Zoning: blue growth lines

- Clarity: Free of Inclusions (see comment)

- Cutting Grade: Good

o       Brilliancy: 50%

o       Depth: 49%

- Origin: Mogok, Burma

- Treatment: None


Certificate No: GIA7132144026


Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: As you probably know, unheated Burma rubies are amongst the most sought-after collector gems on earth. Note the blue-ish growth lines. These ID the gem's and testify (even without the accompanying GIA report) that you are looking at the rarest of all: An unheated, clean, pigeon blood Mogok ruby. See additional images: How blue shines through. The depth of only 49% gives you the face of a 2 carat gem but, thanks to the intense color, does not leave us with a window. It does swallow some potential brilliancy, however, this is definitely more a color- than a luster-stone. If we do not consider the growth-lines as inclusions this ruby is as clean as it gets, meaning there are no inclusions visible under the lens. Never dark, never pink, no purple, no brown, always dripping with the reddest red. Not many such pedigree gems come on offer in any given year.   

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