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Our 7-days return policy for gemstones is simple: 

No exceptions. No discussions. No delays.

Returns from the USA can be shipped to our office in the USA.

Returns from the EU can be shipped to our office in the EU.

You have seven days to decide if you want to keep your stone, starting with the day you have received it (if you need longer just let us know).

If you don't like your stone, you can return it by simple shipping to our office in the US or to the EU (whichever is easier for you).

We will recharge your credit card or paypal or bank account.

There is no re-enlisting fee.

Please be so kind as to contact us by email or phone for complete return instructions.

Please do not send an item back without telling us.

Please do not refuse the delivery for any reason: this might lead to an uninsured return or loss or theft.

The item must be returned unchanged, undamaged and including the complete packaging, documentation, certificates etc..

Return Policy for made-to-order jewelry

In the event that you reject made-to-order jewelry for any reason beyond our responsibility, we will charge you 20% of your project cost to cover external labor and waste material (minimum $400 US).

In the event that we have done faulty work we will repair (free of charge) or you will get a full refund.

Return Policy for parcels: If you don't like a gem inside a parcel you may return it but you will have to re-negotiate the price of the remaining stones. If you are not sure what this means: Ask us.

Since we carry the major cost (and the work) of a return, it is in our foremost business interest not to show any stone better than it actually is. A returned stone is bad news for us. Therefore we do everything to ensure that what you see is what you get. 

At the end of the day every return raises our cost and hence our prices, which is in nobodies interest.

If you like to order several gems to choose from, you are welcome. However, we would prefer such an order per Paypal or money wire to avoid unnecessary credit card charges.

We are proud to say that our return-rate in 2013 was under 5%.


We offer 10% discount for money transfer.
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Natural Gemstones Only!

No Heat, No Radiation.
No Bleaching, No Oil.
No Filler, No Diffusion.
No BE, No Chemicals.

Nothing but... gems!

Made by Earth.


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Natural Gems Only - No Heat. No Radiation. No Bleaching. No Oil. No Filler. No Diffusion. No Chemicals.


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In case we are out of the office, please leave a voice message and we will contact you.

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