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Certification or Gem Lab Reports

Our prices include a 3rd party certificate a.k.a. 'gem report' from one of the major international gemstone laboratories such as AGL, GRS, AIGS, DSEF, IGI, GIA or Guebelin.

These reports are already issued and you will find each individually scanned under 'more images' in the detail pages. This service was part of rigorous quality commitment from day one. We don't try to be cheap.

Each original report will be delivered together with your gem.

If you prefer a different lab we can have a report issued there but you will need to cover the extra cost.

All our labs are absolutely reliable and do in no way whatsoever allow any client to influence them in their judgment. In fact we sometimes disagree over color definitions, e.g. pink vs. red or color changes, but never do they bend to our opinion.

Here are a few examples: (click to zoom)


Why do we provide 3rd party reports for each gem?

Only with a lab report can you be 100% sure about what you order. No surprises after the fact on this website. You won't believe how many surprises come back from the labs. A 3rd party report also proofs the gem is actually in our stock, not just a photo of a gem we will source only after you have ordered it, as practiced elsewhere. Furthermore, each gem is absolutely ID-ed with a report and cannot be offered on other websites. Most importantly, however, a 3rd party report kills wishful grading on our side, avoiding subjective opinions on colors, clarity, gem-category, and of course treatments. For those reasons, we have a $150K* bound in reports. All for you.

*The math: 1500 reports online today at, say, a low average of $100 each. Many gems have two reports, plus they are re-made every 5 years or so. 

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