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Ed Bristol

If you need more proof of nature’s infinitive supply of new and interesting gems, danburite will join the ranks.

First found in and named after ...

german cut danburite as good as diamond

12.27 Carat
White White
Very Lightly Included

precision cut untreated danburite in leaf design

8.02 Carat
White White
Lightly Included

precision cut tinted white danburite 16 carat

16.81 Carat
Pure White
Very Lightly Included

Burmese Danburite 4.20 Carat without treatments

4.20 Carat
Sunshine White
Lightly Included

danburite looking like diamond

16.37 Carat
Pure White
Very Lightly Included

Burmese Danburite 2.47 Carat better than diamond

2.47 Carat
Sunshine Yellow
Lightly Included


First found in and named after a small town near NY, danburite is one of the recent gems to enter the main stream market; all thanks to the internet.

In its white form, supply is good, even for large and clean crystals. Like white topaz or quartz, it needs an excellent cut to bring out a lively brilliancy and substitute for a lack of higher natural dispersion.

Danburite displaying color, though always 'light' to, maximum, 'medium-light', is a rare occurrence and then considered a collector item. Yellow, brown, honey, amber and perhaps greenish yellow danburites have been documented.

Given the fact that it is a very durable gem (top quadrille for durability), and has a low gravity (hence looks bigger), I dare predict a commercially successful future. It is just the right gem to create a dedicated design in precision cut quality and compete as a novelty in the big & white segment of the jewelry market.

Unfortunately, it also seems a tempting candidate for some treatment joke like ‘mystic danburite’ or another coated or diffused atrocity. Keep your eyes peeled for new miracle-gems and stay away by a mile or two.

Danburite demands highest prices either for excellent cutting or for visible color. Poorly cut white danburite, on the other hand, is a sorry sight, competing right there with colorless glass.

I have heard of danburite cat’s eyes but never seen one in person. Sri Lanka is not listed as an official danburite location but I’m pretty sure that some of the white topazes caught in our sieves during the first years were in fact danburites.

If you are looking for an interesting jewelry gem, far off the trampled department stores section, here is an individual gem with a story and individual character.

Again: Color or fine cutting or, better yet, both is a must.

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