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Wild Fish Christmas

New Arrivals are playing in the river
as they are waiting for their reports.
Click their names to see the elder
brothers and sisters already online.

Dematoid Amethyst Sapphire Tourmaline Opal Ruby Padparadscha Beryl

The Rookie Design Competitition


Sneak Preview Only - Others are in Progress - Many have promised for 2021

Before we speak of the design, allow me to reiterate the poem for the year as it has developed since, joined fire to water, and added the surprising power of chance as it shows to be the greatest force of all (to our current knowledge).



New times as drops turn deluge
waves shatter unharmed
tsunamis roll up the land

Yellow haze without sunrise
chase all with boiling blood
blacken what cannot move

Now humanity may show greatness.
The best of and in us, dive, go on, shove right through,
little hands cling to wet fingers, frail arms strangle hot lungs.

Invisible in thousand rainbows,
forces beyond imagination observe our bravery with pride,
at times, too, with a sigh.

Floating in aquifers, peats, swamps, and spheres,
They help with a nudge or a light in the dark,
with a sigh, too, a kick to the knees.

Beware, even in their hands
most powerful, yet untouchable
rattle pairs of dice.

Early bird catches... 'THE WINNER IS:


Here is what we have received thus far:

Firstly, a Lady from South Dakota chose the  Vietnamese Spinel as gemstone to honor her grand-grand-mother's land of birth.

Rule-breaker: NO DIAMONDS.

She is herewith asked to take out the diamonds (the rules didn't allow for them) or re-design:

The apllicant has color-corrected and exchanged diamonds withthe pair of white-grey spinels to this:


We, still, like the compact, protective design.

Now that no rules are broken (diamonds out, white spinels in, sigh!) it also deserves a name or at least a working title: 


Nik, (who seems to like the applicant on a purely professional level) has helped above and made a full rendering:

Full Throttle 3D Rendering of our first entry: 

With all rules fulfilled, the emotional connection to “2020ies” made, with realistic wearability and produceability, plus the ladies’ active engagement to walk the extra mile withus, and, perhaps, Nik’s love for Vietnam we pulled the trigger for this three spinel in gold design. Production will begin when resources allow, hopefully this year.


Remember, we ask for daily wearability? 

"The result must be a robust wearable jewel. A wild night out, or a little work shall be no problem."*

This above untitled white gold design will sit tight for some handywork (in case it stays on forgotten - when possible gemstone rings shall never dig dirt) or shine all night long (when we can have such again, that is). 

Which is why I'm having a problem with the next entry, who equally needs to re-check with the rules and imagine not only how to stuff ALL gems into one piece but please, also think of a realistic wearability. OK? 

That aside it looks greedy to clutch for all gems simultaneously.

We mentioned a 'dear aunty'. That's no way to rob dear aunty.*

*check rules and stuff from long ago down below

With respect for the work and creativity, I present:

"The Kraken"

I must say, much reminds me of the year 2020 in here, in a scary way, and I know the Lady has thought long and hard, but this design is not wearable, rather a work of museum's art. Everybody has the chance for a 2nd or 3rd entry, as promised, we'll work with the creators but please do re-check the rules (below) and honor the time added with every line.

After a short re-entry for the KRAKEN....

... we received a kind and sportwomenship-like withdrawl from the competition.

Thank you S.

With all respect, your KRAKEN was a thrill. Be back next year, or rather next competition.

As in real live, we must send practically everybody back to the drawing board, and some are still missing. We'll have to take it slowly and learn. I've checked other, much more prestigious occasions and you only get to show paper. We want to make the stuff with you, so it won't be a short trip home:

"The Lion"

From Northern Europe comes, appropriately, a setting for a Viking King. It uses the Ceylon Zircon (in mouth) and two heavy bone braker paws:

Unless we need to add a pair of red rubies (nope), the eyes would be rhodolite. 

The tendencies to use animals as carries is very common in haute culture projects.

Rick and Morty (they don't mind but we will not say town or country) inspired:

"A Truth Tortoise"

A decorative piece, kind of letter holder from paper times, I wish it were an email holder or a spam-blocker! At first it looked like a saddle. This is version number two.

Sweet and funny, although we'd have to steal the innards or use a kilogram of gold.

So far, so good. 

We'll keep on posting as they come.

Once we get further, we may switch to an interactive message board for you to post comments. Good?

"Mr/Mrs. X"

Here is an equally realistic example of what shows up in our inbox:

Either a lot of work, or a theft, or we don't know because the contestant did not leave a correct email, nor name.

Dear Friend, when the dice rolls but you are not on board, there is no winning. Please contact us with a new or correct email, name, telephone number as thereabouts. (As if I'm the one to complain about bad email connections. We're drowning in spam.)

But NO:

Update 01/05/2021: Mr. X returned from extended business trip with additional 4 weeks of HOTEL quarantine, to find his sublication here and quickly correct his email address and therewith IP his work.

Mr. X (a South Asia Gents living in the South-West USA) has not stolen or copy-cated this design, says he, but it was the result of an older bespoke dream that he had to drop under a lack of funds in 2008 (don't we know that story?).

Seeing our competition, he simply dug-up and re-inserted his beautiful ring into our competition and went on to travel.

Unsolved problem: Which gem to use?

BTW: The design was to remind of a big snake's coil around a (even bigger) gem. Again, nature and her creatures are the beginning and the end of many our phantasies and nightmares.

The coils of the snake, each rectangular or triangular or y-angular, was supposed to me made from a secondary gemstone, something reasonable like mother of pearl or (my suggestion) ammolite.

Generally, a wise move to be cost-conscious but any third gemstone (whatever the value) will have to be singly cut or polished to size and then securly set like any stone, be it red diamond or pearl, so that in a few years the ring does NOT look like a far over aged anaconda missing half her skin.

If well done in ammolite (a dream), such a work could bring tears to any jewelry lover's eyes but a rough calculation of 168 fields to be filled and set, and we take an all inclusive (material and work) of $75 p.p. we have $12,600 only for the round-about glitter plus gold, and taxes, make-it $15k flat.

In some stratospere of society $15k only for the topping on the setting may be peanuts with toppings, and one cannot design a 15k holder for anything less than a $50k center stone, can one? There plus this and that, designer goldsmith and overhead of the Company, it soon gets close to 6-digits, starting with 100k.

Mr. X, are you going to sponsor your entry? If not, I suggest we create the anaconda in any gold and bring its surface to shine and glitter with rough brushes, or hammered edges or such, simple but honest work around.

"Coral Sunshine"

We received a late 2020 entry into the design competition.

We suspect engravings together with Red Italian Corals on each side would, and are meant to, look like a setting sun.



Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and reviews of the design competition entries here. They will be visible on website shortly.

During the 20ies we will hold an annual design competition for non-professionals.

We want this to be different from other contests (as always!). It will not be an event where everybody praises again everybody, they praised last year while some Fashion VIP praises the new collection of the global Jeweler-Chain who pays for the dinner and the bubbles.

Here any nobody and every somebody will have a chance to make it to the top without risking a hole in the bank.

We donate a selection of, this year, twelve gems (around or under $2k each), and let you design as if money were only the usual bore but not your main concern.

A jury containing five professionals (two successful goldsmiths, two from our side, plus one longtime experienced customer) will vote a design and then:


Afterwards we will submit the piece to suitable competitions and cover the cost.

Here are the twelve gems waiting for your creativity:

Untreated Ceylon Zircon 1.81 Unheated Vietnamese Spinel 1.06 Untreated Mahenge Spinel Crystal 1.83 Untreated Pair Zircons 4.24 Untreated African Apatite 1.71 Unheated Madagascan Grandidierite 1.40 Unheated Pair Burma Spinels 0.72 Untreated Madagascar Rhodolite 2.53 Untreated Welo Crystal Opal 2.06 Pair Untreated Red Italian Corals 1.40 Untreated African Iolite 3.17 Untreated Burmese Peridot 1.38

(If you hatched a design for one of our gems in a similar price-range, let's hear it but it will be a tough sell)

We supply all you need (except the design) ….

  • Gold in 18k and all common hues or combination (e.g. white and rose)
  • Any other accessible material, say, leather, shell, petrified wood, or fossils are welcome. You may also send us some curiosity from your home beaches or mountains
  • At your remote service: a staffed jewelry workshop with all tools, fine-tuned hands, and experienced brains
  • A wet poem for the decade.
  • The winner's creation (not the winner) will again be entered in five suitable competitions during 2021/22. Never think small: Rewards go to WLT. Honor goes everybody lse.

Excluded in 2020 is platinum, other metals, and white diamonds.

Invent-What-Ever: Ring, solitaire or multi-stone, hairpin, choker, bracelet, pendant, brooch, cufflinks, piercings, dogtags… your call and your jewelry-boxs, in the end.

Hand-sketches, CAD, collages, engineer style instructions, or combinations thereof:
If we understand with not many more than two (2) clarifications, you are fine.

Excluded are members of the trade, aka pros, and everybody connected to the jury.

Due date for designs is in appr. 30 days. Designs, mind you, not productions. Soon thereafter, we let all sneak-preview an unjudged overview.

Money, money, money... should NOT be your primary concern. On the contrary, for a change, we want a fair shot for those who dream more of bespoke jewelry than commission it. Realistically, money always talks, so let's imagine a dear Aunt who finances you a bespoke jewel every year. (She, too, loves gems and you have spent many happy hours with her drawing sketches and imgening colors - btw a real-world scenario from our clientele).

Nevertheless, the jury (that's us) will note cost-effective use of material with a plus. Money does not improve a gruesome style only a gruesome ego. This is NOT a chance game. Nobody draws a ticket. Little hope for a kilo tiara packed with a dozen gems

Rules, process etc.: 

  • One winner only. No 2nd place 
  • The result must be a robust wearable jewel. A wild night out, or a little work shall be no problem.
  • No copycats. Although there may be little new under the sun, a winning design must be clearly outstanding, seen nowhere else, on your word of honor. Naturally, the basics of jewelry making need not to be re-invented.
  • All funding, including marketing and entry-fees for 2021 competitions are on us. Your social support is welcome. If you want to add something that is of value to your design, confirm with us. We want a flat playing field as far as it goes. We’d rather raise money for WLT than allow expensive side-stones others cannot afford.
  • The winner will be notified in all privacy. His/her ID remains as ‘secret’ as it is demanded. The copyrights will be 51% his/her, 49% remains with us.
  • Once the workshop’s CAD was OK-ed there will be little influence on production, as always. Goldsmith do not like somebody breathing down their neck; who does? Only they are free to clarify details, warn of mistakes, even refuse the job.
  • If the final in-hand result is too far from the OK-ed CAD, the panel and the original designer, and perhaps you all in a survey, decides who will take the brunt of a re-do.
  • As always with us, no strings attached, in both ways, all will be done in mutual consent. You here will be judge should discord arise.

We will NOT exclusively praise the winner but discuss those ideas that did NOT work out and explain why. Thus, this is a free exercise for those who love to design their own jewelry but cannot afford it every other weekend. Here you have the unique chance to try and learn, risk- and cost-free.

And, if you are talented you may have a chance to compete with world-known designers next year and from there, who knows?

Bespoke jewelry is crowned in beauty only at the end. Before comes a long process of doubt and imagination, questions about balance, comfort, technical details with their devils, durability, gem- and body-protection, mechanical limitations, all in a matrix with the abilities of the goldsmith, his team and the uniqueness of every gem. Books have been filled. And not all goldsmiths pay attention (or care) about certain topics while being overly pedantic with others.

If you remember your first project it can be a scary experience. With your own money in the game!

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