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  1. How can I contact you?
    In the USA and CA you may call us toll-free at 1800-540 3403 or internationally through +1-302-883-8514. We are often on the other side of this wonderful planet and thus in different time zones. If we are not available you will be able to leave a voice mail. If you leave us your number we will call you back. Promised. If the lines is too bad please drop us a note via our automated forms or write an email directly to   back to top

  2. How does the member discount work?
    1. Apply for a membership. 2. Get the code and use it at the end of every check-out as a coupon to discount your bill. Remark: A normal user account (email plus chosen password) is needed for any check-out.  back to top

  3. May I order several stones and choose one?
    Sure. If you like to order several gems to choose from, you are welcome. However, we would prefer such an order per Paypal or money wire to avoid unnecessary credit card charges.   back to top

  4. Can I buy a stone which is marked with "hold"?
    No. Gems on "hold" have been reserved already, they 95% sold. Contact us if you wish to make a reservation.   back to top

  5. How long have you been doing business online?
    We started on the web in 2003, long before Facebook, as one of the first online shops for loose gems. Till today, we are the only website selling NO treated gems at all.  back to top

  6. Where is your showroom?
    We do not maintain a public showroom.   back to top

  7. How long will it take until the stone is with me?
    Our prices include world wide shipping with UPS in 48-72 hours.  back to top

  8. How about certification or 3rd party reports?
    Our prices include an independant third party certificate/reports from one of the world's major labs: AGL, AIGS, GIA, Gubelin, IGI, DSEF etc. You will find each certificate under 'more images' in the detail page of each gemstone.  back to top

  9. Why do you provide 3rd party reports for each gem?
    It's part of our all-out service commitment. Only with a lab report can you be 100% sure about what you order. No surprises after the fact on this website. You won't believe how many surprises come back from the labs. A 3rd party report also proofs the gem is actually in our stock, not just a photo of a gem we will try to source once you have ordered, as practiced elsewhere. Many gems are offered on various websites with different details. Not so ours. Most importantly, however, a 3rd party report kills wishful grading on our side, avoiding subjective opinions on colors, clarity, gem-category, and of course treatments. For those reasons, we have a $300K* bound in reports. All for you. *The math: Near 3000 reports online today at, say, a low average of $100 each. Many gems have two reports, plus they are re-made every 5 years or so.   back to top

  10. I would like to have a stone cut in a special shape. Can you get me what I need?
    If size, color and cut is physically possible, yes, with pleasure. Let us know what you seek. Please also see our section on "gem-hunting".  back to top

  11. What payment option do you offer?
    Payments can be processed via Paypal with any options integrated in your account or with VISA, Master, AMEX etc.. You do NOT need a paypal account to use your credit card. Select 'paypal' at the end of the check-out and then click 'pay by credit card'. For orders above $1.000 we recommend money transfer for which you get 5% discount. We have local accounts in all major markets. Also, we offer layaway and installments. Please contact us for details.  back to top

  12. How long can I return a stone or jewelry?
    Our inspection period is seven days after delivery to you. In this period you are free to return for a full refund without discussion. After seven days we consider the deal to be closed. However, if you feel something isn't right, we will consider any reclamation to keep you as our customer.   back to top

  13. Why "Wild Fish"?
    The name was given to us by our miners. We wanted them to stop washing gravel in the river because it kills the fish (which was a new idea for them...), so they called us care-for-"Ganga Malu" or river fish or Wild Fish.   back to top

  14. What is WLT?
    Since 2012 we buy 1000 squares meters of rainforest to be preserved for ever gem we sell. This land is kept safe for your grand-grandkids by the World Land Trust. ( Every customer gets a land certificate from WLT in his/her name. In 2019 we had collected over 100 acres.  back to top

  15. What happens if I don't want a stone after inspecting it?
    Contact us to arrange the return to either our US office or to the EU (whichever is easier for you). You will have to pay for the local transport costs but there are no relisting fees.   back to top

  16. Do you offer any discounts for retailers or jewelers?
    If you think your order is worth negotiating a discount please feel free to tell us. We appreciate your business. Make us an offer.   back to top

  17. Karma?
    Though in origin a Buddhist word, the concept of Karma can be found in many ethical philosophies and world religions. Karma is based on the idea of direct or indirect human responsibility in an overall connected universe on the quest to reduce suffering. In our highly interrelated and causal world, we are responsible for the moral effects of our actions. The scientific law of action (cause) and ethical result (effect) is understood beyond the boundaries of space and time. A deed may cause suffering somewhere else and in years to come or in the past, yet the deed is part of the person's or a society's karma. Karma as such can be individual or collective.   back to top

  18. Do you sell healing stones and Jyotish jewelry?
    All our stones qualify as healing gems because they are untreated and of good karma. Those selected for Jyotish healing are especially energized in a Reiki session. You will also find untouched sapphire crystals and ready-to-wear healing jewelry, designed to be worn directly on the skin. Contact us if you can't find what you seek. We do have others in stock and offer individual designs.  back to top

  19. Do untreated stones require any special care?
    No, on the contrary. An untreated stone has been as it is for all its long existence. It will not change, ever. Heated gemstones on the other hand are brittle and thus less durable. Also, the color of a treated stone might fade with time, depending on the kind of treatment.   back to top

  20. Do you have other stones than the ones shown here?
    Yes, at times we do. If you don't find what you seek, please use "Request a Stone", or drop us a note and we will let you know what we have or make a reservation for you. Some rare stones, like alexandrite or color change garnet are usually sold before they are published, so let us know you are there. See also the section 'Gem Hunting'.   back to top

  21. My credit card limit (or monthly budget) is less than the stone's value. Can I pay in installments?
    Yes, please contact us to arrange the payment or ask your credit card company to temporary lift the limit for your purchases. You may also pay by wire or western union. Contact us for details.  back to top

  22. Can I place an order by telephone or email?
    Yes, in fact, most orders are placed per email after an online or phone consultation. Please call us toll-free from the US and Canada at 1-800-540-340-3 or drop us a line to You can also call the following local number: 1-302-883-8514.   back to top

  23. Your Grading Report seems to be different from what I see on the photo. Why?
    Consider the Grading Report to be closer to reality. Photos are a good way to show a stone but sometimes they deceive. Also look in our comments for remarks regarding such differences. If we believe a photo shows a stone as too good or bad, we mention it in the report.  back to top

  24. Why are your stones so much cheaper than the ones I see in my local jewelry shop?
    The Internet is a very cost efficient sales channel but we can't offer you a tea while you shop.  back to top

  25. Why are you more expensive than many websites?
    You may find bargains on this website, especially with one of our monthly sales, but this is not the place where international misers buy gemstones. They're welcome to read, learn and have fun, the web is free for all, but do not buy here if you want to be cheap. To save money, take risks on ebay or try your luck on the many low-cost websites, or be patient to find a suitable gem in one of the often excellent but small inventories of hobby traders, win a bet on pre-loved auctions, and even some very good precision cutters have gems for sale. You can find great almost-not-for-profit bargains there (an accountant can tell). We don't compete on cost. Keeping an inventory like ours is not a hobby venture but serious business even if we are a small company compared to the NSC, BlueNile or such old-world mammoths. Personal service and high quality does not come cheap. For example, buying thousands of lab reports upfront is not a service for penny pincher. Do the math: Almost 3000 reports online today at, say, a low average of $100 each - that is bound capital (not to mention the gems themselves). Many gems have two reports, plus they are re-made every 5 years or so. Some cost-cutter have asked: why invest in reports? Because it's part of our all-out service commitment. Only with a lab report can you be 100% sure about what you order. No surprises after the fact on this website. You won't believe how many surprises come back from the labs, even amongst pros. A 3rd party report also proofs that the gem is actually in our stock, not just a photo of a gem which we will source only after you have ordered it, as practiced elsewhere. Furthermore, each gem is absolutely ID-ed with a report and cannot be offered on other websites. Most importantly, however, a 3rd party report kills wishful grading, avoiding subjective opinions on colors, clarity, gem-category, and of course treatments. For those reasons, we have $300K cash bound in reports. All for your peace of mind.  back to top

  26. Do many people return their stone?
    Our return rate in 2021 was below 5%, out of which many stones were exchanged. See our client 'testimonials' to read what our clients say.  back to top

  27. Can you set a stone for me?
    Yes, with pleasure! Our bespoke jewelry is world-class. Check out our 'workshop' section for details.  back to top

  28. Do you also mine gold for your jewelry?
    No, but our gold comes from the Columbian "CorporaciĆ³n Oro Verde". Oro Verde ("Green Gold") is, like us, committed to bring the benefits of globalization to the mining areas while avoiding ecological and social destrucion.   back to top

  29. Do you have any pairs or sets available?
    We do. Please contact us and see the section 'Pairs'.  back to top

  30. Are all stones available?
    Most probably. We update our published stock every 72 hours. Unless someone has bid for the same stone within the last 72 hours it should be available. If so the old rule "first come - first served" will apply. We will only process your credit card payment after confirming the stone's availability. Stones on "hold" can not be bought. They are under inspection or layaway.  back to top

  31. May I see sold stones?
    Not all (because of the loading times), but some specials or those that were sold recently we keep on display for a while to honor them and just for the fun of it. Others you may see in our client testimonials.  back to top


Please use "Request a Stone" to inquire our stock or to make a reservation for up-coming stones.


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