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Ed Bristol

Oil-only Sandawana Emerald 0.67

Sandawana oil-only emerald in emerald cut deep vivid green
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0.67 Carat
Vivid Green
Medium Dark 70
Lightly Included



- Identification: Natural Unheated Emerald
Carat: 0.67
Shape: Emerald
Measures: 6.19x4.09x3.20 (millimeter)
Color Grade: Very Good
Tone: Medium Dark 70
Color Zoning: None
Clarity: Lightly Included
Cutting Grade: Very Good
 - > 
Brilliancy: 25%
 - > 
Depth: 78%
Origin: Zimbabwe, Sandawana

Treatment: Oil Only

Certificate No: DSEF SM081091

Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: Newly permitted into our stock: Oiled emeralds. (Please read here if you want to know why.)

Deep vivid green, with 'vivid' meaning nothing BUT green as pure as chemically possible without the blue that moves them more into 'open' and 'neon' (also loved), nor yellow, brown, black/grey (no colors) or other secondary hues (less loved) that would 'de-valuate' and 'de-saturate' or leave less vivid the ONE green that made emerald so famous that Cleopatra emptied the Egyptians mines. An eye-clean with a dense silky crystal that leaves more color than luster. Perfectly classic shape and ideal dimension for the variety, deep and well cut, and obviously no window. DSEF certified with only minor oil-intrusions. Buys rainforest, helps animal rights, and will be a good asset for coming generations. Big enough for a delicate pendant, ideal for a ring.   

Read about Sandawana Emeralds.

Here is a bit more about Emerald grading by the GIA.

Read here about emeralds on photo.



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