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Ed Bristol

Unheated Ceylon Padparadscha 2.71

Orange pink peach Ceylon sapphire without treatments and GRS report
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2.71 Carat
Pastel Pinkish Orange
Light Medium 40
Lightly Included



  • Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Padparadscha Sapphire
  • Carat: 2.71
  • Shape: Oval
  • Measures: 8.39x6.88x5.35 (millimeter)
  • Color Grade: Very Good
  • Tone: LM40
  • Color Zoning: None
  • Clarity: Lightly Included
  • Cutting Grade: Very Good
    • Brilliancy: 90%
    • Depth: 78%
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Treatment: None

Certificate No: GRS2014-02965

Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: Pastel-colored padparadscha with an XXL serving of glitter and luster. It is that exceptional brilliancy which contrasts this padparadscha in the hand-shot below. Lightly toned pads, while eye-catching when set in gold, easily melt in handshots but not so here: This gem shines even between ringsize-12 fingers clear and visible from several meters distance. Its GRS report (more images) attests it as pastel 'pinkish orange', meaning orange is the primary color with a strong secondary pink, without color zoning, and in a bright tone. BTW, pink-on-orange is the less frequent type of true Ceylon padparadscha; individual preferences differ, contested as questions of taste, to which I have no opinion since I like both. What is most important to me in this case is the adamantine crystal sparkling in even the lowest light setting. While cut slightly off-center to safe precious weight, the precise, well positioned and numerous facets manage to close a hint of a window even within our strict grading standards. Here, again, it is the remarkable brilliancy that helps a long way to turn the gem into a consistently saturated ball of early sunset fire. Inclusions, soft veils and a few spots are visible only under the lens. GRS-Report with origin 'Sri Lanka', 'no heat' and 'padparadscha' supply official value protection for generations.    


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