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Untreated Australian Matrix Opal 1.03

untreated Australian lightning ridge opal flat panel shape matrix
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1.03 Carat
Light Yellow & Rainbow
Pattern: Pinpoint on Matrix



- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Matrix Opal
- Carat: 1.03
- Shape: One-sided Flat Panel
- Measures: 13.81x4.67x2.43 (millimeter)
- Body Color: Multi-color in Light Yellow
- Play of Color: Fair
- Pattern: Mosaic
- Clarity: Transparent to Opaque
- Cutting Grade: Good
  - Finish: Good
  - Depth: 52%
- Origin: Lightning Ridge, Australia

Treatment: None

Certificate No: IGI 296721369

Overall Grade: Good

Comment: Australia has, for many decades, provided 90% of the world's opal. The Lightning Ridge with its black opals was the most famous and luxurious area of all, perhaps like Mogok in Burma. Lightning Ridge, situated in one of the agreeable areas of Australia (not ONLY sun, sand, flies and dust... but all is relative), also produces not only black but also other types, like this matrix opal. As the name suggests, the opal sits on, in, or around its original matrix, the material it was mined from. Though usually opaque, this small-in-weight but full-in-size gem, shows one area of almost crystal clarity (IGI calls this 'semi-transparent', meaning a part is transparent, though correcter would be 'opaque and transparent'). The border between matrix and bolder opal are fluent. We will see in bolder opals where they begin. This here is 'matrix'. The play-of-color is limited to the opal parts, naturally, the matrix plays no optical tricks. The colorful but earthy hues on its surface changes as one moves the gem (or the head if you wish), but not as the flames in crystal or fire opal, more static and with glitter or pinpoint. The upper side of this piece is interrupted by a dash of matrix from the lower part. A closer study reveals colored landscapes in blue, green and yellow, and even some red for sideviews. Not a perfect gem, but an affordable entry-piece with all-natural opal beauty and famous pedigree (if such matters for you). See close-up images. Almost as big as 1.69 but much thinner. Shall be set in a pendant by a careful goldsmith, or let us do the job and we will cover the setting risk.



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