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Ed Bristol

Untreated Russian Sphene 4.18

Lime green russian sphene over four carat
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4.18 Carat
Rainbow in Lime-Green
Medium Dark 60
Lightly Included



  • Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Sphene
  • Carat: 4.18
  • Shape: Oval/Cushion
  • Measures: 7.74x10.31x6.31 (millimeter)
  • Color Grade: Excellent
  • Tone: MD60
  • Color Zoning: Faint
  • Clarity: Lightly Included
  • Cutting Grade: Very Good
    • Brilliancy: 75%
    • Depth: 82%
  • Origin: Russia
  • Treatment: None

Certificate No: BGL M21842

Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: One of the rare cases where I happily point to the image in the report-card, because the primary green color refuses to step up and overwhelm the 2ndary yellow, as it should in these Russian sphenes. The hue in the report is correct, though a bit darker than in person. Under artificial daylight and in the handshots the green comes out better (see 'more images' because we try not to use artificial lights for main images). It has been a while since we presented a larger sphene because they have become so popular, speak expensive, that we felt cheated as early sphene adapters, almost first introducers online, but there is no way around it: A gem sparkling better than diamonds AND comes in good colors will not stay hidden and cheap for long. Also, the Russian finds, mostly of the sought-after green-based specimens, have been small pieces. This four-carat is a giant. And yet, we suggest a work-over re-cut by Conny F to get this not perfectly cushion cut to its fullest brilliancy. See the close-up inside the extraordinary clean crystal. That crystal and a precision re-cut will get you the most sparkly lime green gem in the world. No kidding! The re-cut would be included in our price, as all organization, logistics, cutting-risk and hand-holding.

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