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Returns: Loose Gemstones

Our 7-days return policy for gemstones is simple: 

No exceptions. No discussions*. No delays.

If you don't like your gemstone, let us know (within seven days after receiving it, or ask for an extention), get and follow our return instructions to ship the gem with UPS. Our returns are simple (use our package) and we help with UPS. As soon as we have received the gem, we'll recharge your paypal or bank account.

* We might politely ask: 'Why?' but only to learn and serve you better. Answer you must not.

There is no re-enlisting fee.

Please be so kind as to contact us by email or phone for complete return instructions with UPS.

Never send an item back back without our confirmation, or refuse to accept the delivery for any reason: this might lead to an uninsured return, and loss or theft.

Any item must be returned unchanged and undamaged, including lab reports a.k.a. certificates.

Return policy for bespoke jewelry: The BIG BAD 'What if?'

Sometimes even a perfect work may turn out to be different from your imagination, not every detail can be foreseen all the time, perceptions differ from person to person, and yes, even rotten mistakes do happen. 

If things didn't work out as planned, we go back as far as necessary, re-design, re-do, start again, what-ever is needed, until you are happy.

In the rare but sad event that you reject made-to-order jewelry for any reason beyond our responsibility (e.g. the recipient has gone into hiding) we must charge 75% of the project cost to cover external labor and waste material (minimum $800 US). Suitable arrangements for a re-sell or credit can be negotiated with all kindness.

Return Policy for Gem-Parcels:

If you don't like a gem inside a parcel you may return it but you will have to re-negotiate the price of the remaining stones. If you are not sure what this means: Ask us.

A Word on Returns:

Any return is bad news for us. Since we carry the major cost (and the work) of a return, it is in our foremost business interest to avoid returns. We try not to show any stone better than it actually is.  

Every return raises our cost and hence our prices, which is in nobodies' interest.

If you like to order several gems to choose from, you are welcome to do so but please tell us and we may have advice and help with minimizing transport cost

We humbly like to brag that our return-rate in 2021 was under 5% and many of those have been replaced with other gems.


Returns from the David Jerome Collection:

Items from the David Jerome Collection are subject to the same policies, guarantees and rules as all our products. High value items require professional handling and will be transported only by dedicated specialists (e.g. Malca-Amit) with all necessary legal documentations, insurances and security.

We are responsible for the secure transport to your destination.

Once the product is officially signed over at your destination, the responsibility shifts to you while the sale remains pending for seven (7) days.

Should the product not meet your expectations, we confirm with you and our logistic-company to arrange a pick-up-date at your convenience. Our logistic-partner will also assure the refund of eventual import- and/or sales-taxes.

Once the item is back in our office, we will confirm its arrival and its unaltered status, and immediately refund your payment. 

The cost of professional transport from your location to our office will be deducted from the refund.

It is in our mutual interested to minimize cost without endangering the product at any point. Should you require an estimate of the potential cost before ordering, please let us know.

Should you return a re-sized ring we will charge 10% of list-price, but no more than $15k nor less than $5k.

In the event that we have done faulty work, we will repair or remake (free of charge) or you will get a full refund and will not be charged for the return.


Read & Relax:

  • All our gems are photographed in natural daylight
    • We do not use Photoshop or digital enhancements in our photos
    • High-definition zoom images with 72-fold magnification from various angles plus hand-shots show it all (and more than the eye can see)
  • Our no-nonsense return policy is tested & true for over ten years
    • No exceptions. No discussions. No delays.
    • No re-enlisting fees or hidden costs
    • No charge on your card until you OK the gem
    • Best practice industry-wide
    • Return to USA or EU or Japan (no hassle)
  • Wild Fish pioneered the internet market for gemstones
    • Online since 2003 – long before Facebook or Twitter :-)
    • Today, many web-shops come and go. We stay!
    • Best & Biggest collection online: Near 2,000 untreated gemstones
    • Well over decade of unblemished reputation on all social media
  • Grading & Certification at no extra cost
    • Full grading report (original)
    • 3000 independent third-party certificates (original) scanned
      -> value documented for generations to come

  • Free worldwide shipping
    • No extra charge for any location
    • No import duties on gemstones
    • Secure and easy
    • Free UPS for all orders over $5000
    • Global risk coverage
    • Individual service for any occasion
  • Bespoke Jewelry
    • World-class goldsmiths
    • Hand-made individual designs only
    • Ample experience from 'classic' to 'extravagant' (we’ve done it all)
    • Premium materials only
    • Reasonable pricing as add-on service with our gems
  • Privacy & Security
    • Top-notch e-commerce systems
    • Secure banking and payment systems
    • Watertight privacy rules and legal framework



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Natural Gems Only - No Heat. No Radiation. No Bleaching. No Coating. No Filler. No Diffusion. No Chemicals.


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